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Daily Archives: March 9th, 2017

It is apparent that the current administration is in disarray. The TOTUS has spent valuable time attempting to implement his promises (possibly against the advice of wiser folk). His staffers perpetuate the idea that the President is doing what he said he would do including the basket of lies and never-ending tweets that have no proven basis in fact. It is to our detriment that the Dupublican Congress is using his stream of tweets to cover their own nefarious agendas. It is not a far stretch to see that the current Congress is not in it for their Constituents. Each move they make to change or repeal the ACA brings us closer to a health crisis (Trump will be blamed). We should bear in mind that our Congress has been against us for years and will continue to be that way until we stop them. How conservative can they be when they take home excellent salaries and health benefits while denying the same to all of us. If you believe that your representative is doing something for you then you need to reexamine their actions, NOT the lies they tell you. We are now in a state of entertainment since there are so many sleight of hand actions within the Government aside from the potential scam angle which allows for the doublespeak we hear daily and are expected to accept as correct. There are a few Congressional members who are on the side of the voters accidentally or on purpose but I consider none of them worthy of complete trust. If you are interested in the truth then you need to spend less time on Faux news, mainstream extreme pundits whose only agenda is to put their opinions out as fact. The only opinions that should count are fact based opinions gleaned from researching those facts. If as a voter you are unwilling to do this then your opinion is playing into the hands of the very people who are ruining the country in your name and laughing all the way to the bank.

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