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Daily Archives: March 27th, 2017

Donald Trump has promised to make America Great Again, this statement resonated with enough people to get him elected. Since that time he has tweeted himself in a corner that we will certainly suffer because of. Taking one major campaign promise: ” The Great Wall”. Estimated cost of the wall is 326 Million to a Billion(?) dollars. Would this amount of money be better used for infrastructure? Clearly the border security is necessary however infrastructure (roads, bridges, dams and levees) is a much higher priority. The wall would provide jobs for a short period of time and would not significantly affect the economy in the long term(except for possible trade issues with Mexico). The security issue is not as awful as Mr. Trump would have us believe but having good relations with Mexico would certainly help with that. If the money for the wall was used for infrastructure then you gain jobs (long term), save lives as the effects of natural disasters would be  reduced, traffic accidents would be reduced. What is involved in infrastructure repair? You have to have the following: Engineers, architects, construction companies, material suppliers and finally workers. All of these jobs and carriers require education and training. The additional benefit is the health and safety of Americans using these roads and bridges. It will take many more years to address the infrastructure repairs and building than it will take to build the “Great Wall” which will possibly be more of an eyesore and eventually a non factor in immigration. Taking a look at the Health care fiasco, the proposed AHCA (Ryancare or TrumpCare) failed due to the lack of support within the Dupublican party, not because of  the Scamocrats blocking it. This tall tale and others will continue to play out while our neer do well Congress continues on a path of destruction which will affect the voters and not the Elected pimps in Congress. If as voters you think your elected representatives are working for you then I challenge you to investigate what they are actually doing rather than what they tell you they are doing. We are in a situation now where the misinformation mills are running at full capacity and our (the voters) ability to tell truth from fiction is strained. This misinformation is why Mr. Trump was elected. The Dupublicans are not happy with him but they are using him to further their own anti-American agenda. Rallies and high sounding speeches are not how governing is done, the quicker we understand that, the better we will be able to try to elect the right people for the job of representing us correctly.

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