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Daily Archives: March 18th, 2017

Trump: taxes, executive orders, tweets or town halls? This Presidency has all of prerequisites for disaster. Beginning with the cabinet choices, spokespersons and the seemingly never-ending stream of lies (or alternate facts). This Presidency appears to be more of a circus act with more clowns than real acts even though it is entertaining. The right, alt right and seemingly in power GOP all appear to working in disconcert with their stated goals. The GOP appears to be on track to scuttle this administration and themselves. Given the broad support they once had , there are signs of their base weakening in the face of their leader’s constant stream of tweets that they cannot stop. The tweets not only undermine their “core” values but highlight their being out of touch with the people they purport to help (the working middle class and poor). The neediest of us all will suffer the most as these seat fillers have lost touch ( or maybe never had it) with what they campaigned on. What this amounts to is politics taking over and ignoring what is really needed to move the country in a good direction. No administration is or will ever be perfect but with the right people in Congress it could be an achievable goal. The solution lies with the voters being well informed. The sound bites and buzzwords do not make good government only the election of  quality representatives in Congress can achieve that, unlike the glory hounds we now have. This constant barrage of misinformation put out as truth is distracting and  designed to do just that, is not in the best (or any) interest of the voters. We as voters are more the victims of an entertainer and bully backed up by a group of self serving seat fillers who are using the headliner as a shield for their own purposes. I am still a bit surprised at some of the comments still coming from Trump supporters who apparently cannot see beyond their own biases (based on misinformation). The United States has had too many years of Racial inequity and injustice to continue down the same path leading to potential harm to all of us. Where to start?: Read beyond your comfort zone, do not assume anything is correct or wrong  without proof that you have found yourself, remember your elected officials are not necessarily your friends no matter what comes out of their mouths. “Telling like it is” good in theory but in reality it cause problems beyond our borders and emboldens the worst elements in our society and in the countries of our allies (that affects us too). Change comes from the voters but good change comes from well informed voters.

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