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Daily Archives: March 24th, 2017

Given the recent rush to repeal and replace the ACA with the AHCA, it has become apparent that this was an ill conceived project which is based more in political theater than any improvement for the participants. The proposed changes are all things that could have been resolved 7 years ago when the ACA dubbed  Obamacare by the Dupublicans. Their new version is not an improvement but a lessening of the existing benefits. Consider his: why are people we elected who have a very nice healthcare plan seeking to reduce the medical care we have and need? All of the talk about cost and saving money does not seem to apply to their salaries and benefits. With the inability to enact the new coverage due to in fighting, disagreement  and outright poor legislation we have TOTUS who after trying to persuade, then threaten action decided to just forget about it. This appears to be his style so what can we expect going forward? We can expect to be met with more of the same rhetoric via twitter and no substantial material information. Looking at the cabinet selections: there was no real “vetting” since these choices were made almost in secret. It seems that the President is unable  or unwilling to read or discuss anything beyond snippets of information. What we have is a disjointed administration where one hand does not know what the other is doing, this includes the Presidents staff and certainly his “party” members. The way the government is supposed to work (ideally) is the separate factions look at proposed legislation and come to a compromise that works the best for their constituents (voters). There is no perfect legislation but there is always good legislation. Speaking in superlatives does not equal governing nor does tweeting but that is what we are experiencing at this time.

Remember the following:
1. Do not trust some who has to tell you to “trust them”
2. Be cautious when some one constantly tells you how good everything will be in superlative terms.
3. Beware of a “troll” who comments with no facts on important issues.
4. The Presidency is not a 40 hour week.

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