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Daily Archives: March 28th, 2017

Does it bother anyone that we are in the grip of government (our) employees who don’t give a damn about us? All of the high tone and blustery rhetoric is just that. The ongoing attempt to deregulate, deconstruct and repeal are the talking points from people whose sole mission is to take care of them selves while shoveling out homilies, half truths and outright lies. These outpourings do not take into account the long range effects of their actions. The lies put out have served to divide us racially, morally and ethnically. At this point I feel that we can expect nothing good from this administration. This one lie is particularly bad: The lie about EPA regulations causing job loss in the coal industry while the real truth is automation and the increased availability of cheap natural gas were and are still  a factor. Getting the public fired up with this type of misinformation is irresponsible and dangerous. What we have is a classic divide and conquer tactic that does nothing to fix our issues. The selections  made to aid the President were suspect initially but now are extremely troubling as the lie factory is running at full speed. It is apparent to me that the next several years will bring a substantial backwards leap for all of us while providing boosts for the worst of us.

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