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Daily Archives: March 14th, 2017

In the last 4 years (at least) we have become aware of the extensive blanket of li’s (lies) presented to the American people (and probably beyond) by the political establishment. Many of us expect to be lied to by salespeople, politicians and other folks attempting to persuade us  in their views. This persuasion takes place daily in the shows we watch on TV, the shows we hear on the radio and in written media. This persuasion has taken a foothold in our electronic transmissions (while taking the fun out of that). It is particularly bothersome to me that too many of us decry the extensive dishonesty in the political sector but we do nothing about it. The opportunity for change is and always has been in our hands. All we need to do is vote! Voting is easy , the hard part is wading through the massive wall of li’s (lies) that our elected officials (local, State and Federal) put up to keep their jobs. It is our job to do the homework (just like school) and understand what these people are doing in our names. The many outlets for news have varying degrees of honesty but taking them as a source of information rather than truth you can determine where the real truth is. We all should understand now that many if not all current office holders have lied to get the job. The primary reason for this is the long serving electeds want the status quo to remain as is so they tend to corrupt or subvert the good intentions of newcomers. It is hard if not impossible to return from the far edge of honesty, truth and the related rewards. To paraphrase a quote “let the LIar beware”


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