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Are campaign promises more important than truth? The still ongoing issue of the repealing and replacing Obamacare is still up in the air but only because our neer do well Congress has lied to the oft cited “American People” about  what Obama Care does. Couple this with the actual facts of Obamacare’s (ACA) use by the users, you have a wide divide. The Congressional (not on our siders) are pushing a program that will remove and dilute healthcare for people enjoying better healthcare than they has prior to the ACA. They have been warned by insurance companies, the OMB (Office of Budget and Management) which is an independent Government office dedicated to rating the cost of a proposed bill that this repeal and replace will be costly and reduce the current level of coverage. We know that the ACA is not perfect but the Congress had 8 years to fix it, instead out of pure hatred (for The American People) did nothing and now want to scrap a working system that needs help. If we as voters do not stand up and yell at our representatives then we are doomed to have worse healthcare than ever before. Keep in mind that Congress has exempted themselves from any changes. All of this along with the undoing of EPA rules on pollution (health issues, global warming) and attacking Tax laws with no clear path to any end. It is unfortunate that too many Americans (of all stripes) have and won’t read the Constitution or even try to understand it yet cite it with  impunity born of ignorance. Our legislators have always promised  to do things for us depending on what will get them the most votes and attention but have mostly failed to follow through once in office. These failures largely goes unnoticed until election time arrives again and many times revived by the opposition as a ploy to gain favor. The biggest problem is that the opposition will usually follow the same failed course themselves if the gain the office. Public service means you serve the public in a neutral manner, putting personal opinions and beliefs aside. The many labels that abound are just names for an assumed position and most label holders cannot explain their own beliefs.

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