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With the recent election of TOTUS, the lies of our Congress have become  front and center. We have always (or should have) suspected that many of our representatives  lie to us on a daily basis. We now have a CIC and his administration lying on a national scale. We are hearing the truth from no one in the Trump administration due to President’s the lack of knowledge on many fronts. This has been his method of working all of his life. He listens and hears only what his limited brain power allows to stick. As a leader he reads nothing of substance and supports no one if they do not adore him. We are now faced with potential legislature that will devastate many who are already in dire straits. HIs “tax cuts” are on the neediest no matter how the administration tries to spin it. Since the repeal of the ACA died or neer do well Congress has think about reaching across the aisle ( as they should have done all along). We have come to a point where the Constitution is largely misunderstood and hardly read. Our Congress apparently does not care about serving if it does not serve them!. They are for the most part (majority party) just outright liars. There was a time that we understood that campaign promises were just that promises, once elected the “ins” did what they could but now they just lie and hope we pay no attention to them while they make their own way while socking away their substantial salaries and perk.  As I listen to the assorted representatives , I realize that they all espouse the same flawed information about taxes and healthcare. Apparently lying is the order of the day for our government officials and they do with a straight face.. They all deserve the “HUTA” award for their service*.

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