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The Faux News organization with the aid of Geraldo Rivera has spoken about Puerto Rico’s problems. TOTUS stated to Faux that the “fake News” is reporting Fake news about what he said. How is news fake when TOTUS said these things live and on twitter? To lie is apparently the Trump way, he lies about lies and about things that are true that he said. How messy is the inside of this mans head? America is not the only country that can elect a person who lied to become elected. 1933 (approximately) a German citizen began his ascent to chancellor of his country. This ascent involved the persecution  of ethnic groups and groups who were considered anti-German and the causes of the economic woes of the times. This led to WWII in which millions of folks who were labelled as dangerous and responsible for German problems (job loss). The buildup to the war was done secretly creating jobs for many Germans so the reasons and  effects  on “non” Germans and others who were not so sold on the program of Germany first was devastating. Many were just outright killed at the hands of the Administration and citizens (neighbors, relatives). After turning on previous allies the world took notice but too late to do anything about it. All of this was done by disseminating “fake news” and outright lies to the people. The economic crisis made all of the fake news and lies plausible since the secret manufacturing had provided employment for so many. We do not have secret or overt manufacturing beyond what exists now but we do have fake news and lies daily which incites the baser elements of our society. If  citizens do not stand up and speak up we will have hard recovery from  this well of lies and deceit. In my opinion the “Tweeter In Chief” who really did not want the job is proving daily why he should not have it. Our do nothing Congress is allowing it while collecting money from us for the privilege. Our part in this is to actively contact your representative by all means possible.

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