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The seat of government in the United States has always been the White House. The current resident has all but painted the White House black with the constant stream of lies, poor decisions and outrageous Tweets. The ongoing Tweet Storm which has caused back lash after back lash even from our world allies and is a stain on America. Mean while TOTUS goes along as if all is well with the world (perhaps in his small one). This is as I see it just the beginning of bad things to come under this resident of the titular home of our leader(?). It is bad enough that we have 535 representatives who have stalled any quality legislation for 10 years while allowing detrimental legislation and dubious cabinet appointees move forward. At this time we have a perfect storm of ineptitude in Washington, the very swamp that Trump was going to drain. The only way to relieve this situation is removing as many long time-serving members of Congress and ultimately Donald J. Trump. To be clear who ever we chose to put in office needs to be vetted by the people who if we look at recent history have been lied to on a regular basis by folks running for office. This White House appears to be on a Nixonian path to our destruction. The advent of  Trump has played into the hands of the baser elements of America and is abetted by a neer do well Congress on a path to keep the middle to lower class of America where they are while selling the Snake oil of working for the oft cited “American People”. Keep in mind that the Dupublican Congress stated from the beginning that President Obama would get no legislation passed yet the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania has written dozens of executive orders which have gone unchallenged and will ultimately harm the “American People”. Our ability to survive is in the hands of a little man with a smaller thought range aided by several hundred miscreants masquerading as Statesmen.


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