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If there was ever any doubt about the Trump agenda and by extension the GOP’s political track, the soon to be in effect Tax Bill will clarify them. This is the same smoke and mirror scenario put out By 2 previous GOP administrations and the State of Kansas. I make every effort to remain as apolitical as I can but sometimes one has to call B.S. when it appears. There is nothing that this administration has done to benefit the oft cited American people and the neer do well Congress has followed the script towards 2018 where they hope to remain in power. It is pathetic that these miscreants treat the population as if they (we) are all idiots. It is important to remember that we now have a legislative body who in a C.Y.A. move will present a flawed bill to a Flawed CIC and allow the blame to fall on his shoulders while the ill effects descends on the American people who they have often cited as their main concern. If as citizens you ascribe to this administration’s extreme use of “alternate facts” and extreme media talking heads then it probably time to re read history during the Nixon Presidency. There are no honest politicians only folks with an agenda that coincidentally helps the public.

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