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Many multi generation Americans fail to realize or have never been exposed to how this Nation was founded or began. Some of first landers on the East coast were escaping religious persecution. they arrived to be met by Native Americans who understandingly were apprehensive about these new people and the landers were equally nervous. There was no doubt some altercations due to the lack of a communication method. The historical records do not cover adequately or at all the fights between the two groups, instead we hear about John Smith, Pocahontas, John Alden et al. The real history is bloody . However the main point is that many Modern day Americans do not understand that this country was populated by Native Americans who were treated poorly and fought back until they were eventually driven into reservations and poverty. Now the question I have is who are the real immigrants? Another example is India with the British being the invaders and eventually being run out after years of exploitation. In order for this country to be “Great still” not again is to elect critical thinkers who are willing to serve rather than be served to be in Congress. The white house is not as important as the current administration would like you to believe it is. The current resident is no more than a tool for outside interests using the ego driven brain of a child to do their bidding. This past 10 -15 years of elections have used Hitlerian tactics to divide us in to the useful blocks that they can  use to build a government that they want. This is totally anti American and not what is intended in the Constitution. What the avid Administration backers fail to understand that all of the Executive orders overturning previous regulations will affect ALL Americans and make us lesser for it. The current TOTUS has one objective and that is be adored and exalted at any cost. That cost is the civility of discourse which once was the norm , now with the help of   miscreant advisors and long serving Congressional members that norm has become a relic of the past.


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