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With the 24 hour news cycle we currently get, it is difficult to always get at the truth of all of it. An Aldous Huxley quote offers us this: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”. If you do not like what the administration is doing then vote against them. This is quite simplistic but gets to the point of voting. We have so many differing opinions on what is said in the media as to be easily swayed by sensationalism and entertainment type information. The major “news” channel that uses up much of the oxygen is “Faux” which has headliners whose sole objective is “gotcha” interviews and line item twisting of facts. It is our personal choice as to what source we use for our news and information however that source should be as even as possible and fact based. Getting to the truth is much harder than distorting it. The road to the truth is rough and requires diligence but the destination is more rewarding than the shortcuts along the way. Our sole objective should be to take the extra time to find the truth so we can elect proper representatives who have the interest of America in mind rather than special interests whose objectives are not in the best interests of us all. The lines have been blurred for  a long time when it comes to Church and State relations. Our politics ought not be tempered by religious beliefs nor should Religion be tempered by Politics. It appears that crossover will plague us if the replacement High Court Justice has specific leanings based on political party and religious belief . Historically religious zealots have caused more harm than good as have Political radicals who made others suffer in the name of a deity or other demons (sometimes of their own making). Essentially the solution is:gather as much (correct) information as you can and keep your religious beliefs in the Church where they will not be subject to the corrupting influence of politics.


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