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The current administration promised to “drain the swamp”. That is a great promise to rally his base however he neglected to state that he would be putting his own “swamp” in place in the form of his cabinet members. he revolving door of staffers has been destabilizing at best and making for an inability to deliver a clean message. He has held on to his “attack” group which gives his words life as it is apparent that he can’t string two coherent and reasonable words together. He has diminished our relations with our long time allies with under thought utterances that belie the facts. His recent excursion to a meeting with North Korea leader, Kim which he declared as  productive was basically a failed play which elevated Kim’s status as a world leader rather than the despot that he is. This is the type of play that TOTUS has done all of his life. The play is to utter some half truth and move to an initial start , then stop short because his attention to detail is non-existent. Unfortunately this trait leave the nation’s fate to his appointee’s whose abilities to negotiate on the world stage is suspect and undeniably lacking. Now he has pushed our long time allies aside with insults, innuendo and lies for the company of a known dictator (who he admires). He has pardoned felons just to show that he has done something “Presidential”. He has imposed tariffs on allies and foes alike with no thought of the immediate and long-range effect on American Citizens while extolling the virtues of a “trade war”. Again this is a Trumpism. It is worth noting that there appears to be no tariffs on the goods and services used by his family members. It is possible to think that what we have in place now is a live puppet controlled by staffers whose agenda is no good for any of us , including them but they have become so imbued with the power tacitly given to them by a minimally informed leader whose main strengths are bullying and name calling  to get his way. This has been effective even to point of cowing Congress who seem to want to get their own agendas (again which are not good for the voters) in place. Our option is simple, forget what the parties tell you and look at the people who are running for office (first time or for re-election) and think “what has this person done while in office”. It easier to vote some one out than to remove them after they are elected. Pay attention to multiple sources of information and perhaps read the Constitution again. Our democracy used to be a model for others but now we are becoming a joke with our adversaries having a good laugh about it. Remember North Korea and Russia among others are not our friends.


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