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Mid term elections are coming up  in many states and the on the national level, this could lead to a shift in power in Governance. This shift could possibly give us a more stable Government overall and perhaps repair relations with our long term allies. We need to have a better government than we currently have and the way to get it is to become better voters through reading and listening to multiple sources of information. To be clear there is not ONE source of information that is all inclusive as far as the information being absolute. The upcoming mid terms are crucial in moving ahead and becoming better than we are as a country at this time. We should be aiming to get past the Presidential superlatives that have no meaning while continuing to belie his words compared to his actions. Our 500 plus seat fillers apparent have no power or refuse to use it to avoid being called out by TOTUS. These are OUR representatives and should be our advocates but they are not. If you hired an attorney to represent you and that attorney sided with the prosecution, would you keep him (her)?, This is where we are with Congress whose push for “Tax Reform” has gotten gains for the top earners and corporations. Their push to repeal and replace the ACA has left many with little to no Healthcare coverage (which they are still changing a piece at a time). The midterms are the chance begin a positive shift towards better government after all we deserve it and we are their bosses.


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