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This an extremely political time with many of us being under informed on what our elected officials are actually doing for us and against us. The advent of televised hearings (sometimes hearsay), we have come believe what we see televised is true. It must be remembered that television has a lot more scripted material that we think about. To digress: All reality shows are scripted much the same as the sitcoms, romcoms and soap operas we enjoy. That being said why are we believing the veracity of our elected officials who put on the “show” of hearings while off camera they continue their same party line work often nefarious and counter to what they tell us in the letters and emails they send out to us? Every opinion has value whether it right or wrong, each side always has room for improvement or change. It is this “room” for change or improvement where we need to operate and understand. Adhering to what our elected officials tell us as fact is a mistake and one that will usually haunt us for years. The current administration (State and Federal) has put us on a path of poor governance which will again haunt us for a while. It is well to remember that these officials already have exit strategy and a pension plan (that we pay for) in place. We should avoid the prior ” leaps of faith” we have taken by voting for candidates and incumbents with no investigation of what they have accomplished. The myriad campaign ads are often misleading and are no more than sound bites to rile us up and distract us. The modern campaign ads are similar to product ads, they are put in front of us hour after hour until we believe them. Please do not be taken in by this tactic. A lie will always be a lie and the truth will always be the truth. It is our job as voters to cut through the fog and elect better representatives, this applies no matter whether you consider yourself, right, left or center of any political sect.


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