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Once more avoiding the truth, TOTUS has threatened another country to push focus off of his own suspect meetings with Russia. Someday we may have  new terms in our lexicon: Trumpedation- Trump Shuffle and  Trump Speak to name a few. This recent thereat to Iran is as ludicrous as the ongoing denials of Russian interference in elections which by the way has more to do TOTUS’s image (as he sees it). Then we have the wire tapping of his election team which had nothing to do with President Obama but more to do with the person of interest’s activities in 2013 not 2016. Apparently its easier for TOTUS to throw shade than to govern possibly because Governing requires reading and understanding the subject along with the associated facts. Currently after an inspiring visit with Boy Toy “Vlad” TOTUS is again putting us on the verge of war over things he knows little to nothing about aside from what he knows will garner him the most attention. This Presidency is  a disaster in the making and the harm done will last for years meanwhile the Congressional neer do wells are doing their dirt in order to stay in office. The only cure for this ruinous administration is voting by all Americans who are eligible and want better government. We are on the verge of being isolated from our friends and being played by our enemies, this is no making America Great at all.


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