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It appears that the top show on TV are reality shows and it seems that our current administration is riding a wave of popularity that accompanies TV reality shows like J. Springer or Maury. This is not the real world but more like personal incidents that people like to look  and  jeer at. The current myth is the economy which is not progressing due to Trump but more due to the actions of previous intelligent administrations. Advertising is the primary method of selling products and that is accomplished by repeated airing of product (information). This current administration uses the same method of dissemination to promote poor policies dressed in fancy clothes. The tax reform has had an immediate effect for Corporations and that will continue while the real effect will “trickle” down to the middle and lower earners in the form of more taxes by the removal of deductions and tax breaks. All of the “executive orders” while looking good for the cameras will have little to no immediate effect but will cause unseen chaos later on. Currently TOTUS is campaigning on the same trite statements that will get cheers and support from the hand-picked audience in hand-picked places. It is unfortunate that we have a consummate liar and showman in the White House when we need a real leader or at least a thinking leader.


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