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The recent Government Shutdown ground on with TOTUS and his minions doubling down on the “inaccuracies” of their opinions on the shutdown and what effects it has or will have on the population of the United States. First there has been no details of the spending plan for the 5 plus billion dollars wanted for the “wall”. It is a regular practice for anyone or any company, agency, etc. to present a spending plan for the funding they are asking for. To date no spending plan has been presented, this reminds me of a section of a movie (Guardians of The Galaxy) where “Rocket” wanted the prosthetic leg of an inmate just because he wanted it. He had no use for it but the time spent in acquiring it could have been better used. The wall dollar amount is a number determined how? There have been proposals presented by a bi partisan group and by a single party-all rejected by TOTUS. It is safe to consider that this is how TOTUS ran his business, put out a number and wait. This waiting is about LIVES and these lives are all Americans.


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