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Our National emergency is located at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. Apparently our neer do well Congress abetted by do nothing “Bitch” and “flip-flop Lindsey” have submitted to the “child’s ” whims. It has been proven over and over that the numbers used by the administration are false and inflated. Each and every talking head in the administration is using the same numbers out of fear of the wrath of TOTUS. Increasingly the “Trump base” is shrinking even if many think it is growing. Meanwhile the immigration crisis builds along with the sham international policies espoused by Mike “Pompous”. 2020 is nearing and our National strength is waning in spite of the utterances of Faux news opinionators whose well-being is not being affected by the shutdown. It is their unmitigated ability to lie that gets the attention of TOTUS who reads nothing beyond possibly the “cat in the hat” maybe. The often cited “American People” have one task and that is take back control of the country through the vote, we have a start with the recent elections but the old guard needs to go if we are to make any progress towards the real America we want and need. That is an America for all of us.


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