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Apparently the M.O. of TOTUS in his work and personal life is to manufacture crises, hype them and then offer a slightly different plan than what was already in place. This is an easy way (lazy) way to do work based on someone else’s efforts and claim credit for it. Taking center stage from your bedroom via electronic means after looking at specific network opinionators ( not news people). NAFTA was working fine but after a year of railing against it and putting the threat of tariffs out there against out long time partners, the new deal is essentially the same with a new name (an election ploy), the Iran accord which was signed on to along with long time allies is still working without the US in spite of administration alternate facts that say the opposite. The mass horde of people streaming for the southern border and requires a wall to stop the drugs and crime they are bringing with them( more drugs and illegals come in at the designated and monitored crossings) and finally a major Tariff war with the Nation of China which has caused major ripples n our own farming communities. What we have in this administration is a cadre of outright liars and extremists who all vie for the approval of a demagogue aided and abetted by a neer do well Congress staffed by too long serving member s who again serve themselves while shoving their gruel of lies and hate down the throats of their avid constituents. The chinks in the tax plan are starting to show for the folks who have already filed taxes and getting less than they normally would receive. The ongoing attack on the Mueller investigation is having little effect since the truth continues to come out in spite of the continued stream of  misinformation from TOTUS’s administration and supporters. This will be reflected in history as one of if not the worst administration in American history and all associated with it will be tainted more than they currently are. It is the sole job of the voters in America to elect better representatives to work for us and that is a hard task since it seems that there are few “honest” and knowledgeable candidates available. The process we have to use is replace as many as we can in each election cycle no matter how long they have been in office. If we make it clear that we are willing to replace them readily then we may be able to get better people to move us forward as a country and not individuals.


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