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How smart are we? These past 10 years in politics have given me pause about who we are as a country. This past 3 years  (if we are lucky) will show us to be smarter yet our elected officials (many of whom have been in the office much too long) keep showing us how naive we are. Since the written word began centuries ago we have been seemingly rushing backward in our thinking. We currently have a cadre of inept at the least or just criminal administrators and legislators. These folks have only their particular parties in mind at all times no matter the consequences for the voters who put them in office. It offers up the question of “how smart are we?”. Mass media has provided us with the truth as well as the lies of the world and politics but we have failed to distinguish between the two in too many cases. The lessons provided in previous administrations and in private industries have given us plain and overt messages about what our “leaders” are doing for and against our interests. As long as we are under and uninformed, the baser side of our elected officials will prevail. Rallies punctuated with “dog whistles and punch lines” do not inform they just excite and overshadow the truth. The media coverage can be decried as “fake news” as they report what comes directly from the mouths of the interviewed and covered but we have become inured to it all. We are suffering from the “folly of ignorance”


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