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In the past 10 to 12 years we have seen the major parties at war over things that we (voters) did not or do not know anything about. The main objective for both sides seems to be the power of numbers. In other words who has the majority of members. These members appear to be in lockstep with the party line no matter the harm done to the voters. The current “impeachment” hearings whether correct or not should not be one-sided yet it is since each side thinks they are completely correct. There was a time when we had Congressional members who no matter their party affiliation recognized that whatever is done should be done for the voters, not the party. Since the election of President Obama, the baser elements of our country have risen to create a pre and post Civil war mentality that caters to the white majority party. These adherents to the party line no matter how wrong it is for the voters can qualify as sycophants or perhaps psychophants. The loyalty of representatives should be to the voters, not the party unless the party is following the guidance of the voters. Apparently, the so-called town hall meeting that were the  “rage” for a while were just photo ops with no real substance. The public is listening to what these representatives say but understanding what they say is different. It is clear to me that most if not all of the currently serving representatives and those aspiring to the office are blowing smoke to some degree and it is our job to take it in, “cum grano salis”*
* › wiki › cum_grano_salis. Borrowed from Latin cum grānō salis. AdverbEdit. cum grano salis (not comparable). (idiomatic) With a grain of salt; with a bit of common sense and skepticism.


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