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If and when modern politics moves out of the realm of schoolyard antics and name-calling we may just have a Congress worthy of the title. It is a given that we have a miscreant as President, that will not change until the next election (if we are lucky). Until that time his dishonest administration aided and abetted by a self-serving GOP will continue to tread heavily on the voters of America. Many who approve or follow TOTUS and his minions fail to realize the essence of the statement” what affects one affects all”. There is no upside to this administration. We are now at a point where we have groups who have a narrow view of what is correct and use that view to inform their actions in electing representatives who follow their line to the detriment of all others. We are slowly losing the real America to single-minded entities reminiscent of the religious extremists we have fought on the Asian continent and entities, not unlike the “oligarchs” we hear about in other parts of the world. We are constantly bombarded by the tweets of an Uninformed leader whose actions and words border on the manic. These activities are supported by a political faction that uses this mania to cover their nefarious deeds in service only to themselves and their allies. In effect, we (VOTERS) are “being handled”. Some actions by this administration and its abettors are proper and correct but the execution is terrible. There is no diplomacy in this administration primarily because TOTUS has the idea that as President he is the smartest person in the room. A quick look at his actions (tweets) tells a different story. The fact that long-serving diplomats are ignored, fired or have resigned presents a different picture. Our Allies have taken a hands off attitude with TOTUS as they fully understand his propensity for rash, unreasoned actions, and outbursts via twitter. All of his actions have a long term influence which will take years to correct whether you believe it or not. It is well to remember that the truth remains the same whereas lies eternally shift.


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