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There are millions of opinions in this country yet we have failed to learn from the past and we are suffering for it now. If the time were taken to look back on the past 50 years of government we could see the evolution of special interest groups, the conservatives and the “moral’ right. These are groups who have “their” interests which are not necessarily the interests of the country as a whole but they have influenced our elections and policies  which has affected us all up to this day. The ways these efforts have affected us: Botch McConnell- blocking legislation put forth by the Obama administration and taking a neutral stance on legislation by TOTUS. Underneath the public information are the backroom deals and many of those deals are not ultimately good for us and we have no input on their implementation. With all of this, these elected officials come to us each election season as people of good will and ask for another term. Our failure as voters is that we are wont to read the dull and long history of what each of these folks have done to us over time. Perhaps we should look at the ways these people who  we elected to serve ALL of us are serving just some of us on the backs of MOST of us.


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