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The current election season has shown to be a battle of lies against truth. The truth being somewhere left, right and center of what is evident. The unfortunate part of this is that so many voters are uninformed about the issues. The issues are all clouded by the constant playing on the fears of voters. These fears are what creates and perpetuates the divisions between the various voting blocs. The reality is : “what affects one of us affects all of us in some degree”. While one person who has financial issues due to Government policies another doesn’t, when one person has issues with current health care, another does not. The idea of government policies is to provide equally for all voters. Currently those policies are in limbo at best and nonexistent at worse. The GOP stance generally is smaller government which in theory is ok but in reality is a fairy tale and a good talking point as most people don’t know what that means. The DEM’s stance is government coverage for the most important issues (health care for one). The oddest part of all of this mismatching of ideologies s that IF these two sides would spend less time bashing one another and trying to please big donors we could possible have a United Government that works for ALL of us. It is unfortunate that we have been entertained into believing the ravings of a narcissist and his minions (some of whom have their own unrelated agendas), when what we need are serious minded folks who actually want to serve. There will always be differences of opinions among voters over various issues but these differences do not need more unfounded and just wrong information poured on as fuel on a fire. The real governance has to start at voter level with the removal by vote of ineffective legislators as the current crop has for years stayed in office much too long to be effective for us-the voters.

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