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Daily Archives: May 3rd, 2021

These past four years and counting have given us ( the voters) an opportunity to see what real government is about. For years many of us have been spoon fed the idea that Government is the enemy yet we have elected the same representatives time after time by party, ideals or espoused ideas while ignoring the character of the candidates. It is unfortunate that the GOP aka Dupublicans) in one form or another has been the party of NO, small government and regression. This is not to say the The DEM’s (aka Scamocrats) are better or worse but it seems more voter friendly. These two parties have been a desperate struggle for the support of the people but primarily through fear and semi to full on lies. The leaders have spent years peeing on our shoes and telling us it’s just raining! We again have a President whose aim is to take care of the voters (at last) while the antis of all sorts are trashing what’s being done by screaming about the cost to future generations, If these actions are not taken now no matter the expense, there will be no future generations to speak of. TOTUS left us in poor shape and the Congress under the GOP allowed it, the GOP is the party that has spent millions for recounts on an election decided by the people ( ESSENTIALLY ATTEMPTING TO NEGATE OUR VOTES!). Now the same party in many states are redrafting voting laws to depress the vote in future elections, all of this smacks of theft by the people we voted in to help us, not themselves. As voters we have the duty and right to look carefully at who we have elected and their actions regarding our well being, if we cannot positively state that those electeds are working for us then we need to change the deal by voting them out. WE need to remember that what happens to one of us, affects us all no matter how little or how much. Quickly about immigration: TOTUS stopped sending aid to our Southern partners which assisted them in curtailing crime and boosting their economies. Once this funding stopped then the baser elements of those countries emerged, increasing the migration flow and allowed the creation of arcane immigration rules that essentially created the “border Crisis”. Where we are now is we have a President who understands what is needed and is bucking a headwind of neer do well Congressional members who have convinced some of us that big government is bad and poor state government is good. States are limited in what they can accomplish, the Federal government is not hence the many executive orders and big spending bills that should have been done years ago. If it is not clear now, it will be as the GOP continues on its backwards trek into reconstruction while attempting to stop NEO Reconstruction. There is no upside to the GOP’s opposition to the Biden plan for Americans and they know it yet they espouse the idea that this spending on much needed infrastructure which will produce jobs is wrong. It might be well to look at China and Europe’s transportation systems of high speed rail which could have been accomplished here if our Neer do wells in Congress had backed it. The issue with elected officials is that they are swayed by a generous flow of money from Lobbyists and large dollar donors but their actions do not benefit the voters that they owe allegiance to.


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