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Daily Archives: May 19th, 2021

We have viewed politicians with suspicion while running for an office and when they are in office based on what they have done and said while in the office. When first stepping into the political arena we want to believe they will bring change for the better according to our personal beliefs and desires, more often than not we are all disappointed, elated or neutral. The past 4 years of the former administration has shown that we have been in the grips of the most vile administration and Congress elected in years. The worst of our long serving legislators now has a slim grip on the government after having had a tighter hold previously. The “tax reform” bill of 2017 has made the “user fee” a heavier load for the voters while touting the reduction of Corporate taxes which was supposed to result in more “trickle down” benefits for the voters, the trickle never happened and was quickly ignored by us-“the voters” when a cloud of other issues was brought above us. We became so swept up in immigration and the ensuing misinformation about immigration along with the untold story of the reduction or stoppage of the aid to the countries where the immigrants originated. This funding reduction and cessation exacerbated the immigration issue along with the halting and piled on legalities of processing immigrants. The user fees are what we as consumers pay to finance the tax reductions for the 1% who pay less or no taxes compared to the 99% of taxpayers. Now the “neer do wells” we call Congress are backing the reworking of voting rules in “their” home states which limit the voting options for us (the voters). These “changes for the better” affect the neediest of us of all colors and ethnicities while the perpetrators if these so called “improvements” keep fomenting the big and small lies for their own benefit. It is our (we the people) duty and right to stand against the people WE elected on any laws that go against our collective interests. Our power is the vote and we can exercise it anytime we want. Our (the voters) major failing has been voting by Rote which is what the political establishment wants and attempts to keep us doing with mass media presentations and great sounding sound bites that mean nothing when analyzed. It is the job of all voters to pay attention to who we elected and what they get and have gotten out of “serving”. Just to put things in perspective: the average annual pay for a Congressional member is $174,000. annually with other office perks like staff and office funding, additional money for committee assignments. At the end of a 20 year term this will be a lifetime earning of about $42,000,000. with an average retirement amount of $73 -80 thousand annually. Before you commit to any party and their members bear in mind that they are politicians and politicians lie for a living and will steal candy from a baby!


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