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Daily Archives: May 30th, 2021

The 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre is making news again showing that Racism is nowhere near over. It is also true of the 1908 Springfield race riot which according to what was “reported” was due to a Black man saying something to a white woman (who lied as the truth came out later), it might be well to remember that 14 year old Emmett Till died over the same type of lie. Back to Springfield Illinois, there has ever been a recovery and barely an acknowledgment until the remnants of the devastation were unearthed when digging test sites for the upcoming rail “improvement” ON THE EASTSIDE! Where are the reparations for the losses from that tragedy? It is odd that the “new YMCA” has more importance than correcting the sins of the past that pushed the progress of the once prosperous EASTSIDE back 100 years. The EASTSIDE of Springfield is still essentially “light years” behind the westside in businesses and housing but not in disparagement. When will the EASTSIDE be made whole? Now there is a proposal for a sports complex on the Southside again leaving the EASTSIDE sucking wind much like our legislators.


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