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Daily Archives: May 31st, 2021

It is easy to fall into the trap of political rhetoric on Race, party loyalty and idealistic outrage. It much harder to take a moment to take a realistic look and listen to what is being presented. For years many of us have succumbed to the major party’s talking points and anti “the other party” spiels. It appears we have become susceptible to entertainment politics and ignore the facts which many of us know but the lies sound so real. Neither parry is perfect or totally correct but we have this need to follow one or the other based on what is said in a sound bite or described in a “buzz word”. The truth knows no limits and may not excite a response like a “real sounding lie” but it is always the truth and cannot be denied no matter how much dirt or obfuscation is applied to it. I submit that we (voters) have and have always had the power control government by intelligent use of the ballot. Do not believe all elected officials have your best interests in mind. Politician have always used division to win an office and it still applies now. The trap is mass media presentations with more flash than substance that dangles “shiny objects” to distract us from the facts. The last 4 years have shown us that our Legislators (save a few) from Municipal to Federal are essentially in it for the money. This has been the pattern for decades when we were not as well informed as we are now. At this time we can correctly state that the legislative process is corrupt and can only be corrected by our intelligence in voting. It is time to stop the “few” from corrupting the many so we can approach some semblance of honest government ( which we deserve). The trap is addicting us to the faux truths of entertainment politics while the real “anti citizen politics” continues. ” WE have one job and that is to vote with intelligence”.


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