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Daily Archives: May 23rd, 2021

The GOP has spent months now denying the January 6 insurrection and fighting against the Biden infrastructure plans. You would think these so called representatives of the people would embrace any thing that helps “the people”. Unfortunately this is not true, the GOP has long been the party of “no” and each time they have been in power the people have suffered, their agendas have never been good for us as a country and more explicitly the people of color. Looking at current issues: After experiencing the January 6th insurrection, they are denying it’s effect, after 60 losing challenges in court about election fraud, they are still pushing the same narrative, During the TOTUS administration, “Vice president” McConnell has installed as many conservative judges as he could to swing the court system to the right which does not bode well for any of us. We as voters need to pay attention to the GOP’s words as they have proven to be false and they continue to spew misinformation and outright lies toward the idea of persuading voters to support them for the next election cycle. It is our (voters) job to be aware of the facts and remove them from office if possible or censure them at the polls. Unfortunately the GOP has made this a political party issue but it is in fact a dishonest elected official issue and unfortunately we have well over 100 hundred of them between both chambers. This is a struggle for our Democracy pure and simple. Remember that many of these “public servants” were happy with “tax reform” as their tax burdens were lowered , possibly less than many average tax payers. What are the reasons?, greed, self service and the effort to change the Constitution to suit themselves.

9 to 5 Comic Strip for May 22, 2021
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