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Daily Archives: May 6th, 2021

“Men are most apt to believe that they least understand

Michel de Montaigne

The last 4 years of the Trump administration has shown how gullible some of us are, the GOP has embraced the lie line in pursuit of “their” agenda to the detriment of their constituents and the Country. The GOP has made commitment to the “big lie” regarding the election and making talking points about what they have done and attempted to do but ascribing those talking points to the Dems. The prime example that has been offered without foundation is “packing the courts”, which Mitch McConnell did during the Trump Presidency. Now Senator Grassley is asking for additional vetting of John Kerry when he made no such demands on the unqualified members of TOTUS’s cabinet and inner circle. No Matter your political preference, it is important to understand the basis of all political actions by either party. Remember that the average pay for members of Congress is $174000.00 annually plus additional money for committee assignments and office perks for supplies and staffing, this rounds out to about 42 million dollars paid out over 20 years in office (notice I did not say service!). Upon retirement the average annual payout is 75 to 80 thousand dollars. A real parallel to our current political landscape can be found in the Star Wars saga from the series beginning to the last issue of the franchise. You do not have to be a fan but the progression is remarkable similar. If we as voters are not paying attention we will have another soul sucking government under the NEO GOP led by dictator like elected officials whose sole aim is their well being and taking us back to pre civil war government or worse Putinesque style government.



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