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Daily Archives: May 14th, 2021

We all should be aware that political office was supposed to be and should be about service first however since the inception of this country that has not been the case. We created our political system on other countries and tailored it to our use. The one thing that was not lost in translation was the hyperbole and out right lies. (hence the appropriate spelling of the word PoLItician). It is ironic that two letters in the center of the word explains the person and their actions. Our political system has brought us to the point where the fabled character Pinocchio would be considered truthful. The politicians for the past several years have made lying an art form. This crosses all party lines and has unfortunately made the few that tell some truth pariahs in their own constituencies and parties. The Congressional members who have not supported vaccinations secretly got the vaccines but have not or did not support it for their constituents. They have supported laws that change voting rights and because they determined that one party voted a certain way more than another but ignoring the fact that their own base is also affected (there has been no outcry from that base so far). The GOP could surely be labeled the “TRUMP” party as the current office holders are concerned about losing his “base” who appear to be open to real sounding Lies or “non facts” rather than the unpopular truth. The Trump party has taken misinformation to an art form that the GOP has embraced for their own purposes against the interest of the country and the voters on both sides. We should be reminded that when we vote, we are voting for a person (or should be) who we believe to have integrity. The supporting party is just a vehicle to help one get elected and not necessarily the credo of the individuals even though some follow blindly in the face of real evidence. It is our job (voters) to be aware of what the truth is as we will not find it on every news outlet yet it is out there. Finding the truth involves the work of investigation of news sources and how honest they are. News reporting is supposed be based on what is actual and then neutrally reported as presented with no coloration, that part is best left to the opinion columns. There is no greater crime than deceiving the people who elected you to government office.


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