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The President’s address to Congress was measured and calm(?) almost like being sedated. The message was still a collection of  talking points that brought nothing new to the fore. Looking at his selections for his cabinet speaks volumes on where he thinks he wants to go. His selections are more like looking through the phone  book for a service, the areas that will create the most problems: Attorney General-Jeff Sessions an avowed Racist, still!, Betsy DeVos, wealthy with no idea about public education. These are just two of the many pulled out the hat with no real vetting (or extreme vetting as Mr. Trump is so fond of saying). This lack of “vetting” is rampant through his selections of staff and  the executive orders he has signed. It appears too me that he is more concerned with the fanfare over the signing rather that the context and the long range effect of these orders. One that stands out is the rolling back EPA rules on clean water, do we want a nation of Flint Michigan’s? The oil pipeline reversal again we are stealing from the Native Americans. Let us not begin on the ACA repeal and replace. With all of the evidence of the overall devastation the repeal would cause this train is still on the tracks. The majority Dupublicans are sitting back as if nothing is wrong while many of them have been shouted out and down in their town hall meetings. Many of the Dupublicans have elected not to have town halls because they appear to be afraid to face their constituents whom they have lied to time after time. We as voters have an opportunity to reverse this impending disaster, all we need to do is vote and call, text or email your Congressional representative, this is our voice and we need to use it whenever possible and continue to do so as long as we have poor government from the local to Federal levels. Now to put a fine point on this administration, TOTUS the current White House resident has tweeted that the Obama administration bugged his office in Trump tower. Apparently the way this engineer of the Crazy Train copes with issues is to tweet something outrageous with little or no truth to change the conversation. If there is a betting line on his tenure I will put money on 2018.

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