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Now that the ACA is safe for now we need to see what the Majority ruled Congress will do to us next. Under the guise of doing good work for the oft cited “American people” these “noble men” have allowed the Tweeter in Chief to say and attempt to do unspeakable thing to the people of the United States. Our less than stellar representatives are so set in doing what they perceive as our desires that they cannot or will not understand the impact of their actions. One thing TOTUS has said is the upcoming election year will cause some issues for some of them. We are in a situation where we have few representatives who really understand what working together for a common good  instead of along party lines. To be clear we elect representatives from local to federal to advance laws and processes that benefit ALL of us. Currently (if you are paying attention) our administration and majority Congress is traveling a path that will lead us to a point of  difficult return. The promises made by TOTUS look good on the surface but due to his history of shotgun actions many cannot be done since he has taken no time to gather information that makes these promises viable. His cabinet works without direction beyond their personal agendas with the tacit approval from the Oval office. His major demand of all of his appointees is loyalty to him and no one else no matter what the result does to the voters. In spite of this he still has supporters who believe  he is for them and that is backed up by the Alt right and radical right pundits who call themselves patriots. If as a United States do not pay close attention beyond slanted news and tweets, we could very well be on a war footing that we cannot afford and isolated commercially.

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