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America has become the country that we have defended against and revolted against over 200 years ago. The reasons, we have elected a child as President whose sole objective is to undo anything done by the Former President.  This undoing is not done in a context of  having a better way  or getting knowledge of the laws or orders he is undoing. It appears that he is seeking adoration much like Hitler and Caligula. There is no substance to his speeches as he is still on the campaign trial rather than schooling himself in governing and the issues that affect that governance. His cabinet picks are wealthy people (for the most part) whose experiences do not relate to the American public so cannot make judgements or decisions that do any good for us. This President has one source of information (more uninformed opinion than fact) and that is the Fox news network. He seemingly pays no heed to his cabinet so gives no guidance to them. This method of governing is a formula for disaster as we are beginning to see with a Congress that is using his ignorance as a reason to unleash their worse on the American people. Our European and Asian partners are looking at this and have decided that they no longer have a strong ally or trading party. This situation has given rise to the Russian surge in conflict areas and the radical sectors of many areas. Mr. Trump  has used Twitter as his primary communication media but gives no substantive meaning or background to his tweets. His Whitehouse staff have spent much of their time parsing his tweets rather than issuing meaningful information (which appears to be lacking). His ”command staff” have gone from parsing to outright lying about his meanings and offering “alternate facts”. If the signal for liars were truly flaming pants then the White house as well as the Congress would be burned to the ground.


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