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The recent press for repeal and replace of the ACA (Obamacare) has failed and is a big issue due to the staunch resistance and miscasting of what it does and has done. All of the failures of this law sits squarely on the shoulders of the Congress which is overwhelmingly Dupublican. For those who do not know Dupublican is my copyrighted, invented word for the Republicans. After 7 years of trying to repeal and replace unsuccessfully, the legislature has spent the past 6 months trying to do the same with the TOTUS pushing it along because he  and they promised. They have tried to place their failure on the Scamocrats (Democrats) because they resisted throwing millions off of their healthcare (there were many Dupublicans against it also). Their promise would at best throw millions off of a working healthcare system even with its problems. Instead of using the past 7 years plus to assist in tweaking the law, they condemned it because they did not like the President and promised at the outset that he would get no work done with their help. With all of the normal distrust many of us have for the Government, these neer do wells have shown how bad they really are. They campaigned on repealing a law that has helped many rather than campaigning on fixing its bad parts. It was determined that they exempted their healthcare from the repeal and replace  action but this was never told to the oft quoted “American People”. They (Congress) cite incomplete and incorrect facts about the ACA. It is well known that the ACA works well in some areas and not so good in others but in the same spirit neither does the VA medical system and they have not done as much as they could for that system either. We the people have been misled (partially our own fault) for years, we no longer have any real serving representatives but we do have many self serving members of Congress. If we want better government we need to get better educated as to what they do and are doing. We need to hold them to a higher standard and take them to task on what they tell us. It is always wise to remember that for the most part they are being less than forthright in what they say and to that end do some reading across multiple platforms to get the truth. Our only recourse is to get out of the rut of listening to what inflames our anger or entertains  as this is not news or many time not facts, this is merely the  nattering of paid spokespeople who make statements that appear true but are less honest than an infomercial offering a free item with the payment of “additional handling”.


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