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I recently posted a column which led with a quote from DR. Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784. This quote is: “Patriotism is the refuge of a scoundrel“. When I read this the image of the current administration and more notably Steve Bannon whose extreme views propelled TOTUS to the White House while we all watched in a mix of elation, awe, disbelief and wonder. This year 2017 has shown that this Residency is an aberration much like a boil that has to be lanced at some point to prevent further infection. In my opinion Steve Bannon pulled off a coup but the “chosen one” has not fulfilled his part primarily because he is not always the star. This failing of the Legislature, his cabinet and most of America’s citizens to adore him is tantamount to a slap in the face and he has slapped back with under thought actions that could hurt us even up to and including an unwanted or needed war of destruction. His cabinet choices have shown that he is looking for an entourage rather than people who can further and protect the interests of the United States. The upshot of this Residency can end in several ways, none of them good for us. If impeached and removed from office, VP Pence could be promoted, equivalent to a pet rock, if Pence is removed we will have Rep. Paul Ryan who can hardly string 2 thoughts together without trying to take money from the oft cited American people. What we as voters have to do, is replace as many mid-term candidates as we can with more moderate people who WE have vetted through our own research and investigation. It is well to remember that sound bites, slogans and buzzwords are no more than attention grabbers with no substance. This year’s end will be celebrated in the usual manner with parties and gaiety but with a dim view of 2018. The way to lift the veil of a dimmer 2018 is to begin to research potential candidates for office, new and incumbent to improve our Government and by extension improve us all.


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