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With the beginning of a new calendar year most people are seeking some sort of renewal. Where we need to start is with ourselves. We have been so caught up in the Presidential idiosyncrasies that we have lost sight of what we as voters need to be looking at. Our Congress is the biggest failure we have right now. Their lack of desire it seems to work for us instead of against us is reason enough to vote for someone else when that time comes. There is no better reason to reject the incumbents than their pushing of a poor tax bill just to show they have accomplished something. The worst part of this is that several signers of this poor legislation now have regrets. Having regrets after the fact shows the weakness of those legislators and provide a reason to vote them out of office. We must remember that these are the same people who ridiculed the ACA and labeled it Obamacare as a slur. This is the same Medical care that 90%   of Americans enjoy in one form or another. These 535 seat fillers have failed us in so many ways including not doing their jobs for the past 10 years and then using the current White House Resident as a tool to get their agenda done. This is the time to start looking at any one seeking office with a critical but honest eye so that we can begin elect people who really want to serve.


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