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The Resident has made his New Years speech and there was very little substance beyond what we have seen so far or including his agenda. It appears to me that signing his name in lack felt tips and tweeting are his strong points. There has or possibly will be no more substantial work done beyond executive orders to undo whatever he can no matter what the outcome is. It is the job of the President to do what is best for the country and that includes the population (all of us). The cabinet choices appear to be a group of backslappers who have no real abilities that will benefit the country but make up the Resident’s “Amen chorus”. The recent release of excerpts from a new “tell all” book By Michael Wolff has pitted TOTUS against his one time associate Steve Bannon. The Resident has again reacted by pointing his barbs at Bannon with statements as to his mental stability (pot calling the kettle?). It is curious that the Resident’s method of dealing with issues is to attack in the child like fashion that has become his signature from the beginning.  For a country (US) that was up until 2017 was considered a world leader we have become a joke in some areas and  non player in others. Our ability to protect our selves and assist allies is severely compromised by the tweetstorm method of governing.  It appears to me that governing is about the Country and it’s people not about 1 person who happens be the Titular head. Essentially: ” Dude, it’s not about you!” At the rate we are going I am wondering “When will we see the gurney with a towel covered head leaving the White house by a secret or rear door”.

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