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The recent and past efforts to remove Illegal and semi legal aliens from the U.S. appears to be quite random in that the contributions of these workers is being ignored. The Salvadorans who send remittances  have provided more aid to that country than the U.S government. It appears to me that these refugees from all of the countries in the southern Hemisphere have made contributions to this country and their own by the remittances they provide. The jobs and niches they fill will possibly go undone as they are more qualified and are willing to do them. This administration has spent more time in trying to fulfill campaign promises than actually looking at these issues and making rational decisions. Our Resident while extolling his intelligence keeps showing his lack of and his need to fully understand the job of President of the UNITED STATES. The billions he wants for the “wall” is better used for infrastructure rather than a border wall which will have minimal impact. It would be a better use of his time to mend some fences with our allies and use those connections to move his agendas forward especially in the areas of illegal residents.  There has been no thought of the farmers who use the migrant workers to produce their products but no Americans have now or before stepped forward to do those jobs. “America first “is a buzzword that only excites his ever shrinking base and many of them are areas that have few job opportunities and some are unwilling to do the work done by these immigrants. If he were able to get past his ego we could possibly “Make America Great Again” but not without all of the American people and the immigrants who work here.


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