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The Resident will be touting his accomplishments this past year in the most glowing terms, this glow will be more like the glow from a fire rather than natural glow from good things happening. We have the dishonorable Devin Nunes pushing a “secret document” showing the FBI and Justice department’s mishandling of the Clinton E mails (again?) and the Russian interference. Mr. Nunes appears to be a pawn of the Resident rather than a legislator. These alleged secret memos are not secret but more  closed  information pending examination by a larger body of Congress. It seems that the Trump administration is attempting to derail the Mueller investigation rather than allow the investigation to proceed and come to a conclusion. Again we see the swirl of disinformation, alternate facts and misdirection. This apparently is the core of this administration which is also the traceable road map of the personal dealings of this Resident. This speech will be no more than disingenuous hyperboles designed to appease his base who for the most part are so desperate for relief  that they will clutch any straw in the wind. Many who approve of the Resident’s actions fail to realize the abject depravity of this administration and its long range effect on all of us. In the end the voters of this country will have to step up and replace the neer do wells who talk a good game, THEN GAME US WHEN ELECTED!


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