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Covfefe now “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?”. Truth , fiction or more chaos? I am wondering if FLOTUS knew or understood what the sign on her back meant? Is this like a “Kick me” sign? I believe FLOTUS is more genuine than her spouse and perhaps too embarrassed to  venture out. I would imagine being married to Trump is no picnic even if he were not President. This is a woman who is well off in her own right and therefore in no danger of being held to Trump by finances. There are several explanations about the jacket messages and to date no one knows for sure what it means (much like COVFEFE). I can see a scenario like a dead of night flight from the White House by FLOTUS with Baron in tow never to return. There is also the possibility of a medical unit sneaking in and out with some one on a gurney being rushed to a hospital for treatment. This Presidency is densely populated by self-serving ” conservatives and high binders” under the guise of Patriotism. These same folks have convinced an ego driven neer do well to enact programs or orders that play to “their” base to the detriment of all Americans. Their hope appears to be to create an America that will benefit them and theirs for  the future while the majority of us languish in the detritus they leave behind.


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