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Chaos has been used by me and others to explain the current Administration, that I believe is not an altogether correct explanation. I believe a better descriptive word is disorder. In many organizations there are disorganized workers from the loading dock to the CEO. We currently have a CEO whose methodology has been disorder (and disruption). This method of managing keeps underlings off-balance and afraid to confront, correct or adjust when required. The CEO can and does all of these: correct. adjust and confront without compunction or regret. This kind of personality trait allows for a following that is at once glad to follow and under informed. This lack of personal thought and desire to learn by way of publications and real news media is why DJT was elected. It is well known that many Americans are and possibly always will be dissatisfied with the operation of Government but the remedy is not electing  the most entertaining or loudest voice (this applies to the neer do well Congress and elected officials down to the Municipal level). My best description of TOTUS is a ME Degenerate, which I define as Ego driven bully who has used the only tools he has to move himself forward and leaving many “corpses” along the way while training his progeny in the same manner of living.


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