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The biggest surprise and possibly pain will come to the most ardent Trump Supporters. The Executive orders repealing regulations benefit big business, not the ordinary citizens. Now coming down the pike is a Conservative High court Judge who will put more pain on all of us. While all of the Tweets are flying, there are regulations thinning out healthcare for many including people with pre-existing health conditions. Our neer do well seat fillers are saying nothing (and that their job to shout BS when it occurs, if they represent us as they say) for fear of a calling out by the Resident. If you are in the mindset that your representative is doing all they can for you then you probably have been living somewhere else for a long time. There are no more statesmen in the Congress, what we have are 500 plus malingerersĀ  plying their trade and getting paid to do it.. This administration is about Trump not America. All administration actions are geared towards the edification of a narcissist not the country as a whole. The current staff in the administration is staffed by the very special interest folks that we have railed against previously but seem to have tacitly embraced now. It is in our best interests to avoid embracing this administration’s actions as they will surely slap us in the face down the proverbial road with the help of our elected legislators.


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