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As feared, suspected and displayed our Titular leader is at sea in the world of international politics. After months of daily leading by tweet, he has managed to insult our long time allies and embraced out long time enemies which enhances their status in the eyes of the world. What has occurred from the beginning of this administration is a deluge of mistakes in selecting unqualified people to serve in the administration. The selections appear to be based on how much praise the resident received from the appointees and how much in step they are with his views no matter how radical or incorrect. This President has brought the office into a different sphere of influence which does not bode well for us. This is not Trump Industries where one can make decisions like a one man band. The United States is more like an orchestra which requires all of its parts to function well and in tune. It is clear that TOTUS has not understood that this position requires new knowledge and actions daily to do the job. We as voters need to keep all of this in mind when voting for ALL officials from local up to the Federal level. It is our duty as employers to have the best employees available.


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