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Forget about party lines and the many stump speeches that are leading up to the mid-term elections. Do not accept any endorsements of any candidate by the President or any party members. As voters the choice of who you vote for should be yours and yours alone based your own research and beliefs. The modern news cycle ( for better or worse) has many opinions based on personal and party lines of thought. Each of us needs to cast off labels and become informed voters again. This Resident governs by insult, innuendo and lies. This is not how America remains great. We have never in reality been less great, we have just had poor leaders in Congress-yes Congress, the President has a limited time in office while we have Congressional members who have served for decades and done little for us no matter what they tell us when stumping for votes. TOTUS is an anomaly and has no ability to lead us anywhere good. His touted business acumen is suspect since he has bullied anyone who worked with him or for him and they eventually all lose while he reaps any rewards. This is the path we are currently on no matter what he says in his structured town hall meetings. As voters it is well to know and understand that any long serving politician has debts to pay to someone and we are the last to be paid.


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