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Daily Archives: September 9th, 2018

Dear Congress, Just a quick note to explain your duties:

  1. Work to improve the lives of your constituents, not just the ones who donate huge amounts of cash
  2. Install IMPARTIAL high court justices
  3. Avoid the influences of groups who do not represent ALL Americans
  4. Enact laws that allow for reasonable salaries for you and your constituents.
  5. Remember Democracy is not a single party activity
  6. Personal beliefs are not a basis for Governing
  7. The Civil War is over and the Rebels lost, please assimilate the last vestiges into the America for all.
  8. Above all ,Tell your constituents the truth, we are not idiots!
  9. Trust is everything and right now you have nothing that resembles it as far as we are concerned.
  10. Stop citing us (The American People) as a reason for your actions especially when it is not in our interests.


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