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Daily Archives: September 18th, 2018

It has become evident that TOTUS holds grudges for perceived and real wrongs done to him. Many of these wrongs were the fruit of his own ineptitude and his dishonest ways. Looking at his past business deals, he has always been the winner (?) while his partners took the losses. He has stiffed many of his business associates from the workers to the owners. His foray into the now defunct USFL is a perfect example of DJT’s attempt to compete. It is unfortunate that many voters did not vote at all and many voted against their own interests because they were and are still are unhappy with their current representatives in Congress. The facts often overlooked are that we have become complacent and willing dupes for the political elites who have some how convinced some of us that they are working on our behalf. The real facts are that they are no more than scammers who say what ever it takes to get and stay in office. If these neer do wells were really working for us then we would not have any extreme candidates for the high court where we really need impartial members so that all issues are decided fairly for the good of us all. The party system has become a weight on the neck of the voters along with the several sub sects of special interests that benefit the elected elites. We are now experiencing the emergence of the poisons of the past.


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