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Daily Archives: September 25th, 2018

Kavanaugh,this is not DE JA VU’. It is  another political move against the American people even thought some us do not understand the implications of it. This current issue over Mr. Kavanaugh harks back to Clarence Thomas’ hearing which was never quite resolved and under a Republican administration. It is possible that this could have happened under a Democratic administration but it didn’t. To go back a bit more, there was a failed attempt at placing a more radical judge on the court in the Reagan years so my question is: why would any of us Democrat , Republican or any other party want a high judge that does not reflect the general values of ALL Americans? These nominees are supposed to be people who can interpret the law as a neutral party as opposed to using party line and personal ideals to interpret the law. We already have the now free flowing money in campaigns which has influenced our elections and now we are looking at the possibility of having “conservative” values as espoused by a powerful faith based faction  and vote hungry politicians imposed on us. This is not what was envisioned by the founders. It is no crime to have a personal opinion on what is before the court but it is a crime to impose that on actions that affect public policy. This administration has no qualms in publishing and offering lies to us with no compunction with the tacit approval of Congress. It is apparent that party means more to Congress than the people they represent. With this being evident why are we still supporting them and their platforms that appear to float on a sea of lies? I say again forget the party rhetoric and look at the people we have elected time after time and their priorities (we are not one of them).


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